Marko is an interdisciplinary artist with a background in music. Originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, he finished classical piano studies in Zagreb, Croatia and then Live Electronics in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

His music fusions the sound of the piano with live electronic effects, and its deeply rooted in improvisation. His language is inspired by minimal music and the possibility of extending the color and rhythmical possibilities of the piano. Most of his music revolves around  the concept of repetition, creating an involving soundscape that invites the listener to make a pause and enter some sort of meditative state. That is how the concept of “Reflective Music” came to life: a concert setting where visitors are free to adapt any posture they want and are encouraged to be involved in what their own experience needs: sleeping, writing, moving, etc.

Marko's curiosity for performance has taken him to explore as well the use of the body and imagery on stage, creating works of his own and taking part in other productions. His authorship is mostly busy with the topic of identity, sexuality and  belonging,  as  well   as  deconstructing / researching the relationship between the piano and the player.


As a composer / sound designer, he has collaborated with many creatives including theater director Espen Hjort, Choreographer Fernando Troya and film director Michael Labarca.

Interview while in residency at GlogauAIR Berlin in January 2018

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