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A space
A no-place
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A performance / installation inspired by the phenomenon of reflecting light and  reflection as a symbol for instrospection and exploration.  The soundscape consists of improvised electro-acoustic music (piano + live electronics), motivated by minimalism and repetitive motives. Visitors are free to lay down comfortably and experience music in their own way, without having to look at the performer or fulfill any of the usual behavioral conventions of an audience. They are invited to embrace and observe their experience of what is present sonically and visually.

Reflective Music is an ongoing research of music as an experiential act; it seeks to extrapolate this quality by breaking the time linearity and spatial hierarchy that support the discursive nature of a concert. By the use of improvisational performativity, the relationship between content and representativity is deconstructed, while the performer ceases to be a focal point in the space, rather becoming an enabler of it. When presented as a durational performance, the installation sets a different relationship towards time and musicality: there is no beginning nor end, no program notes, no applause; it’s an existing place visitors happen to be in.


Reflective Music was premiered in Berlin in March 2018 as part of my work within the Art in residency program GlogauAIR. Concept & Performance: Marko Ivic, Photography: Mike Ioannidis, Make up: CrisToni Florido Acosta-, Stage design: Katharina Proksch, Technical Advice: Jelka Jelka.




Reflective Music Sessions





The Reflective Music Sessions are a series of events happening regularly in Berlin and and abroad, in which the the audience is free to sleep, write, draw, dance, do yoga or do nothing. Its a non-installative adaptation of Reflective Music. It can take place in a concert venue, a workshop space or any suitable place, and it can be combined with yoga, dance or meditation practices. Its a fully versitile concept that can also be taken to the concert hall and take the form of an ambient music concert.

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